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Professional Sales Tips
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The sales subject matter in this book has mass appeal. At only $14.95 retail it is a great investment to everyone in the sales profession. 1001 Professional Sales Tips® is one of the best real to life books about sales in the market today. 

Here is why, No fad theories! Just rock solid advice on how to win business from the professional salesperson's perspective. Many good books are written from the CEO's perspective and not many from the salesperson's point of view. The executive view is fine if you are going to run a company, but not if you are the person on the front lines attempting to close a sale. This book will benefit both the salesperson and the executive in the company. The professional salesperson will acquire new skills and the executive will benefit from a better understanding of what is required from a sales team to win new business. Professional salespeople are well trained not born. 

Sales are critical to the success of any business. Nothing happens until somebody sells something! Factories can't build, services cannot be provided and world commerce would not function without a sale being made.

The book 1001 Professional Sales Tips® is a wealth of information to strategically win new business and includes: tactical strategies, overcoming objections, price negotiation, the best sales techniques, the best sales management interviewing techniques, sales words of wisdom and how to conduct a successful trade show. 

The sales tips in this book will show you how to qualify a prospect, save time, present a professional presentation, close an opportunity, improve sales management skills and earn more money as a result of these tried and true sales tips.

Packed with sales tips, no matter what you sell. The book is not specific to any product or service. Buy it for yourself and your entire sales team. It will pay for itself many times over.

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Professional Sales Tips®
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