Professional Sales Ti[ps
          THE BOOK  
1001 Professional Sales Tips
Strategies, Tactics And Great Ideas For 
The Professional Salesperson.
1001 Professional Sales Tips®
Strategies, Tactics And Great Ideas For 
The Professional Salesperson.
A comprehensive sales handbook for every salesperson, company executive, business and higher education facility. 

Great for companies with limited training budgets. 
It is an excellent compliment to your existing training programs. 
Make an investment in your career and your future!

Many good books are written from the CEO perspective and not many from the salesperson's point of view. The executive view is fine if you are going to run a company but not if you are the person on the front lines attempting to close a sale. This book will benefit both the salesperson and the sales executive in the company. The professional salesperson will benefit with added skills and the executive will benefit when they better understand what is required from the sales teams to win new business.

This book, provides a wealth of information on strategies and tactics to win new business for only a $17.50 investment.  A  Great Value when compared to many books which are much higher and still are not as comprehensive or convey real world sales tactics.
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