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Professional Sales Tips
The author Charles D. Vega is currently an attorney at law and co-founder of Simple Self Defense for Women®. Mr. Vega is the founder of the Law Firm of Charles Vega P.A.

In his previous career in sales and marketing he has been recognized by several Fortune 50 and 500 companies. His success in sales and sales management include: Salesperson of the Year, Excalibur Award, Breaking New Ground Award (5 times), Circle Of Excellence Award (6 times), President's Club Award (5 times), Medallion Award (6 times), Fast Start Award (5 times), Top Achievers Club and many more.

Professional Sales Tips®
Strategies, Tactics And Great Ideas For 
The Professional Salesperson.
"The successful salesperson is the one with the right attitude, the person who believes in what he or she is doing, the person who motivates others, and the person who gets things done".
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Student Seminars

I would like to be the first to show my appreciation for your visit to our school. Those who did not gain wisdom from your words must have not been present...
Stuart McCallum

I would like to take a moment to thank you for coming to speak to our class. I felt you did an amazing job!. You spoke on what the industry is really like now in this time period. Your ideas and practical solutions were very much needed by me...
Alyssa L. Binford

I would like to congratulate you on all your success. You are one amazing individual. You are very skilled at what you do. You enlightened me with all your knowledge...
Chris Constant

This letter is to thank you for coming to our school and showing us that you can do what you want to do if you set your mind to it and actually go for it...
Gary Siconolfi 

The information you gave us about the opportunities offered to us in our lifetime was very handy. It encourages some of us to go farther in life than we have planned. The fact that you said there is most likely a title for what each of us wants to be, inspires us to reach for the stars. Your speech had a very intense impact on our future.
Jessica Kaplan

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Charles Vega P.A.
Simple Self Defense for Women®
Together We Can Make a Difference
In The Personal Safety
of Women & Children
Ages 9 to 91
Tracy & Charley Vega are the co-founders of Simple Self Defense for Women® an award winning company that promotes the personal safety of women and their children with a focus on How to Prevent, Avoid and ESCAPE a Potential Attack, Threat or Abduction. 

Our Simple Self Defense for Women® personal safety program provides everyone a unique team building event that offers an education in safety that they can be later shared with co-workers, clients, family, friends, students, faculty and the community in general. 

Simple Self Defense for Women® takes a very unique approach to self-defense. It is designed specifically for women ages 9 to 91 who want to know how to prevent, avoid and ESCAPE an attack, threat or abduction. Whatever you’re thinking about self-defense this is NOT it! 

Simple Self Defense for Women®
Simple Self Defense for Women®
Simple Self Defense for Women®.