Professional Sales Tips
"Outstanding! The next best seller!"

Howard Zimmerman
H.J. Zimmerman & Associates, Inc.
"I believe the book is extremely well organized and that it contains a wealth of practical  rather than merely theoretical  information. It promises to deliver "rock solid advice on how to win business from the professional salespersons perspective. It does exactly that."

Ronald Flores, Ph.D.
Vice President and General Manager
Casiano Movie Magazine

"An exceptionally valuable tool for every professional"

John Pellegrini
Defensive Arts, Inc. (226 charter schools worldwide).

"This book is excellent. The best I've ever read on sales. I highly recommend it to salespeople that want to become true professionals."

Manuel Casiano
Chairman and editor in Chief
Caribbean Business/Casiano Communications
"In my opinion, this book provides proven steps to success...a MUST read."

Denise Talarico
Sales Training
Manager of Web Learning & Technology
Morgan Stanley
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1001 Professional Sales Tips
Strategies, Tactics And Great Ideas For 
The Professional Salesperson.
"What People Are Saying 
About The Book"
"This is an exceptional easy to read and comprehend sales bible with proven tips and strategies written by a true Master of the Art of Sales. I encourage all sales professionals and those aspiring to become sales professionals to read this book"

Richard Luira
Regional Sales Manager

"This book offers a clear outline on what you have to do in order to think, analyze, plan and execute a sale. The "Selling Process" is a comprehensive guide to everything from prospecting and making the initial sales contact to executing a total "war plan". The chapter on presentations gives good communication advice on preparing a presentation that meets the audience needs. I would highly recommend it to salespeople who want to polish their skills and become true professionals."

Manuel Casiano
Chairman and editor-in-Chief
Caribbean Business/Casiano Communications

"A complete salesperson's guide. Preparation, presentation and follow-through, it's all here."

Joseph Cameron
Insurance Agent
"A Great Book for Sales and Marketing Novices or Pro's alike. For the Novice, it contains a wealth of information that will make learning sales techniques enjoyable and interesting. For the Sales Professional, call it a guide or reference that reveals some great strategies, tactics, and tips. The book is well-planned and easy to use. In a very competitive economic climate this book can give you the edge on closing that sale."

Harvey Kramer
Electronic Media Communications

" Your book is a must read for any salesperson wanting to raise their level of performance and effectiveness. We have used 1001 Professional Sales Tips as a training resource with our sales staff and have seen results...even from some of our seasoned pros. I have been selling for 18 years and wished your book was around when I started. Can't wait for your next book"

Chriss L. Spires, Jr.
Prime Home Mortgage, Inc.
"Implementing these ideas may be the only way for salespeople to survive in telecommunications today."

Richard Patnoe
Director Of Sales 
Ernest & Young Technologies

"Absolutely mandatory for my company - but not for my competitors."

David Carrier
V.P. Sales
All Star Contractors Management
"These are truly real-world concepts that be taken with you and used the very same day. The very best single sales book I have read in the last fifteen years"

Tracy Wenger
Remax Realty
Premier Top Producer
"Inspiring and full of unique ideas"

Christina K. Bailey
"A smarter way to prospect in a competitive environment"

Dr. Thomas Lineer
Alion Science