Is your potential customer using you?
Many companies require multiple quotes. Are you being used to reduce your competitiors price?

Selling on payments vs total cost.
Just like $399 is easier to sell than $400 dollars. Selling the monthly payments is easier for people to accept than the total cost of your product. 

Always ask probing questions before you propose or recommend any product or service.
Many sales rep's are so excited about their products or service they don't ask what the prospect wants. If you don't know the prospects needs, how do you know if your product is the right one?

Ask good probing questions.
What is important to you Mr./Ms. Prospect about this product or service? What do you look for in this product or service?

Create excitement in your presentations.
Add motivating audio and video to your presentations to create the desired mood.

Send hand written thank you notes
After every new meeting, important meetings and of course when you sell your products or services.You're in sales, people buy from people. Send a quick thank you note. This helps build those much needed business relationships.

Who really is the decision maker?
You may be surprised to know. Ask what is the decision making process, who is involved and what are each of their roles in this process? Ask who is the final decision maker? Who will be responsible for signing the contract?

Professional sales vs order takers.
Professional salespeople strategically win business. They qualify, plan and execute. Order takers say how can I help you?

Set clear objectives for your meetings.
Productive meetings have clear objectives planned in advance. Set both internal and external objectives.

Does your voicemail sound appealing?
Your VM is a reflection on you and your company. Test it yourself! Clarity, tone and message. What would you think if you were a prospect?
Professional Sales Tips®
Professional Sales Tips
Professional Sales Tips®
Strategies, Tactics And Great Ideas For The Professional Salesperson.
Words Of Wisdom
Strategize how you will win each account.

Know your competition.

Prospect, Prospect, Prospect.

Qualify, Qualify, Qualify.

Under promise and over deliver.

Time is your most valuable commodity.

Ask for the sale often.

When at a hotel and not in the room. Put the "Do not disturb" sign on the door to discourage theft.

Knowledge is power.

Make yourself/your company really easy to do business with.

Strategy is to think, plan and execute.

Family First.
Be friendly, people buy from people.

Secretaries at  a clients office are a valuable asset. Get to know them.

The more you know about your clients business. The better the chance of success for a sale.

The more you know, the more valuable you are to your company.

Education is a journey not a destination. 

Nothing happens until somebody sells something.

Customers with maintenance plans almost always rate higher in customer service satisfaction surveys.

Network all the time.

Learn to read body language.
Chapter Five
Sales Management

page 75

Inverview Questions

Ask Good Questions
Why are you applying for this position?
Why should I hire you?
Why did you leave your previous jobs? They must provide specific answers.
Tell me about your professional career.
Tell me about your previous boss.
Tell me about your previous employers.
What are your greatest strengths?
What are your greatest weaknesses?
How did you handle problems?
How do you handle difficult people?
How do you demonstrate value to your prospects?
How do you qualify your prospects?
How do you handle a dissatisfied customer?
What do you think defines a professional salesperson?
What do you think defines a professional sales executive/manager?
Tell me about the staff you've hired.
How did you motivate your people?
What do you think your staff would say about you as their boss?
How would your people describe you as a manager? 
Tell me about your income levels over the years. (Defined by their W-2 forms)
Why do you want to work here?
What do you know about our company?
Did he/she do any research on your company prior to this interview?
Ask for references.
Sales attainment, percentage over quota and how often were they over quota.
Did you win any sales awards?
Can you provide documentation to substantiate these statements?
Why do you think you were successful?
What person or persons in your career did you admire and why?
What are your career goals?

How the candidates answer these questions is key to determining the right person for the right job. Be cautious of people who are trying to just get into the company and will take any job they can get. If you hire this person, they will always be looking to move to another position within the company and leave you with an open position in the near future. Hiring the right person is very time-consuming and you only want to do it when it is necessary. Take good notes and be prepared to spend at least an hour with each qualified candidate. If you find that you have the wrong person right away, you can end the interview early.

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Sales Management and Leadership
Good sales management is good leadership. To be a good manager of people you need to be a good motivator. Management is motivating people toward a specific goal. Each person has different sources of motivation. Your responsibility as a manager is to know what motivates each of your team members. Most salespeople are motivated by money and recognition. That is usually why they are in the business and that is why companies have established compensation plans to address those needs. Sales is often a good way to gain recognition quickly and climb the corporate ladder. Know what motivates your team and you will know success.
This is a book on how to be a professional salesperson. 
page 14

A good price is one that is perceived to have great value and advantages to the buyer.
page 18

If there are no serious consequences or gains, then there is no major motivation to buy. 
page 32

What's important to you may not be what's important to your audience
page 54

Bringing out the best in your people is what makes you an excellent manager of people. 
page 74

The successful salesperson is the one with the right attitude, the person who believes in what he or she is doing, the person who motivates others, and the person who gets things done. 
page 90

Make yourself invaluable to your organization!
page 110

You have about five to ten seconds to attract someone's attention to your booth.
page 116

Shield your prospects and customers from associates in your company who are not customer-friendly.
page 132

Your success depends on many factors, but mostly it depends on you. 
page 148
Qualify, Qualify, Qualify

- Qualify it is an opportunity that has a need or compelling event?
- Qualify it is a solution your company can deliver on?
- Qualify that your prospect has the financial resources to pay for it?