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Ask yourself
- How will I increase sales for next year?
- What does my sales plan look like for next year?
- How will we reach our sales goals?
- How can we improve our sales performance?
- How can we sell more at the right profit margins?

Then ask us what we recommend?
Dedicated To The Sales Professional
Professional Sales Tips®, LLC  a privately held consulting firm, headquartered in Daytona Beach Shores Florida with offices in Tampa Florida and Richmond Virginia, offers a full range of services including professional speakers, sales training, motivational sales seminars, sales candidate screening, sales content and professional sales consultants. 

Professional Sales Tips®, LLC offers a comprehensive portfolio to assist you and your company increase sales revenues. We provide the tools necessary to equip today's sales professionals through strategical planning and real world sales tactics. Our assistance can range from a simple conference call to daily, weekly or monthly programs. We are not product specific thus allowing us to specialize on core sales techniques. We can work remotely or side by side with your team. We are the best at what we do. Let us design an effective professional sales program which is right for your company. All Initial consultations are free.

Guest Speakers, Sales Training & Seminars
Professional in depth effective sales training and motivational seminars. Our sessions are designed to bring real world experience to your team. We thoroughly prepare the content specific to your company's goals and requirements to produce real results.

Sales Consultant Services
Why not assist your sales team with successful professional sales consultants who have worked in the real world. We will work with you on specific opportunities to advise and properly prepare, present and propose your solutions to a potential customer. We will go on joint sales calls and evaluate the potential opportunity and/or work internally to strategize a winning war plan. 

Sales Candidate Screening
The best and worse decision you can make is in hiring the right person. Increase your odds by having us screen your potential sales candidates.It is just not the same as interviewing for other positions such as customer service and operations. Screening for the right sales professional is so critical to your success! 

Electronic Sales Content
Why not provide professional sales tips on how to win new business everyday to your sales 
teams or your business readers desktop. As a premier content provider we can export this 
information to your internal or external company web sites, mobile phones, pagers, electronic 
newsletters, newspapers, magazines, etc.. 

Customized Sales Handbooks
Our team will customize a sales handbook specific to your company's marketing plan, 
sales structure, compensation plan, revenue goals, company policies and procedures. This 
handbook will be a how to excel in sales within the company's guidelines and objectives. A great reference and learning tool for new and existing sales representatives. The book can be exclusive to your company with its own title and ISBN code. 

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